Lustre Contemporary Art
'Architensions'Catto Haughton
'Artist's Alley'
'Artist's Alley'Chris Albert
'Asunder'Catto Haughton
'Bloomtime'Mara Minuzzo
'Blow'Melissa Tseng
'Boxing Club'
'Boxing Club'Patrick Lajoie
'Bubbles'Melissa Tseng
'Burst'Melissa Tseng
'Crestfallen'Catto Haughton
'Crowd Pleaser'
'Crowd Pleaser'Patrick Lajoie
'Electric Cock'
'Electric Cock'Patrick Lajoie
'Fawn'Mara Minuzzo
'Fire Light'
'Fire Light'Mara Minuzzo
'Foundations'Melissa Tseng
'High Tea'
'High Tea'Mara Minuzzo
'Hinterland'Catto Haughton
'Hypertension'Catto Haughton
'Juicy Delicious'
'Juicy Delicious'Mara Minuzzo
'Kaleidoscopic Ruin'
'Kaleidoscopic Ruin'Catto Haughton
'Keana and the Red Slide'
'Keana and the Red Slide'Mara Minuzzo
'Naboo'Melissa Tseng
'New Rom2'
'New Rom2'Chris Albert
'Osgoode'Chris Albert
'Overflow'Patrick Lajoie
'Palais Des Congres'
'Palais Des Congres'Chris Albert
'Relax Bang'
'Relax Bang'Patrick Lajoie
'Sightline'Patrick Lajoie
'Some Like it Hot #4'
'Some Like it Hot #4'Patrick Lajoie
'Take the Long View'
'Take the Long View'Patrick Lajoie
'The EX'
'The EX'Chris Albert
'Thunderbolt'Patrick Lajoie
'Tinderbox'Catto Haughton
'Triangulation'Melissa Tseng
'Vacancy'Patrick Lajoie
'Vesper'Catto Haughton
'Viewless Corner Window'
'Viewless Corner Window'Mara Minuzzo
'Zanzibar'Chris Albert
About Us
Lustre Contemporary is a virtual art gallery founded by artists and originally known as Colab Collective. Our focus is to bring high calibre, affordable art to a wide audience through international art fairs, where our artists’ work can be viewed and purchased in the casual, friendly environments that the fairs generate. We proudly represent a tightly focused group of emerging to mid-career artists whose work possesses ‘a quality that outshines the usual’.
Upcoming Exhibitions
Affordable Art Fair New York Fall 2016
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