Broadband Series No. 5

Broadband Series No. 5


Acrylic on wood panel

4" x 48"

Catto Houghton

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The series of hard-edged abstract geometric paintings are produced out of a desire to create visual spaces that pay homage to various traditions in architecture, design and visual art. They are graphic pieces playing with tensions in Minimalist and Maximalist aesthetics, as well as exploring color-play and notions of collections.  The compositions are intuitive while highly structured and the hard-edged shards of color and line rest on the surface of stained wood panel.  The staining and varnishing of the panel brings out the organic beauty of the mottled wood grain and provides a stark contrast to the graphic compositions.

The fractal paintings reference the patterning found in Op Art, the immersive qualities of Colour Field painting, as well as nodding to Art Nouveau, Art Deco and craft traditions.  My exposure to Hip-Hop culture, Japanese contemporary art, Islamic Architecture and Minimalism punctuated my earlier immersion in “Classical” European visual art and architectural history.  These influences hugely impacted my aesthetic sensibility. There is an element of nostalgia in my palette, as I draw upon the memories of culturally and geographically specific color schemes from my extensive travels all over Asia, the South East, Middle East, Europe and the Caribbean. These geometric Dreamscape paintings explore with tensions in “High” and “Low” art sensibilities as well as international and culturally specific aesthetic traditions. My goal is to create new works as rooted in tradition and history as they are in a global contemporary.